Why Remote?

Having the ability to have part or all of your team able to work remote part or all of trhe time gives you more control over your business in this uncertain future and, the additional benefits are significant — less commuting time means more time for people with their families, and it also has positive implications for our environment long-term.

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Future pandemic and other natural disaster protection

We'll help you move your "culture" and work processes to the internet so that you have the ability to enable remote working under terms that fit your company best. This will give you future protection over Pandemics and other natural disasters that may interrupt your business

Reduce single occupant vehicle (SOV) commuting

Not only are you increasing your employees productivity by getting an extra hour or more each day that they can work doing their jobs instead of driving, you are also eliminating commuting stress from your employees and because SOV emmissions are the biggest contributor to CO2 and green house gases, you (and other small businesses that choose to implement a remote working program) are part of the only known process to date that can reduce these emmisions.

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