• Jim Plunkett

Without Connectivity Nothing Else Matters

Updated: Apr 20

Regardless of whether or not your employees are using their own computer or a company owned computer, they need to connecyt to the internet. Have your employess go to their browser when they are home and got o to check the speed of their connection. 50 mbps is optimal. 10 mbps is usable.

If your employees are going to be using their own phones, get the type, model, age and software version for their smart phone and their carrier and data plan information. We highly reccomend that you consider making the investment to provide new devices that are already setup for security and organization application access to your employees.

Immediate accesibility to staff is something all mangers want. Tjhe only real way to do this is to empower them with company devices (iPhone and IPad Pro) and an unlimited data plan.

I use an iPhone 11 and an iPad Pro equipped with a keyboard. This allows me to respond from most anywhere at anytime. My Verizon connection gives me 50 mbps of bandwidth so I can operate freely without a wifi connection.

When empowering your employees with this type of connectivity, You need to establish expected hours of work (availability).

For most of your employees all they will need is a laptop (like a chromebook or Macbook) and a decent internet connection (along with their phone).


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