• Jim Plunkett

How to Quickly Implement Remote Working in your Organization

Right now, some organizations are realizing that if they cannot implement remote working quickly, they might not have an oranization left. For those that had never considered this, this can be a very daunting scenario. The good news is... it can be done.

Do an Assessment Immediately

  1. What positions and groups can be transitioned to remote working?

  2. Interview employees to find out 1) how receptive they are to working remotely, 2) determine what their current internet and cellular service is capabilities/limitations are and 3) assess their hardware (laptop, tablet, cell phone, printer) requirements/needs.

  3. Determine any deadline requirements based on your specific business processes.

Determine Your Communications Platforms

Determine which group chat (Slack, Google Hangouts Chat, Telegram) and video conferencing (Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting). A consultant can help you with this.

Establish Game Rules

Establish rules on video conferences and interaction on group chat. Employees need to adhere to these rules for this to succeed and managers need to be comfortable with employes and themselves having social interaction with other team members on the group chat.

Provide Employee Training and Support

Employees will need to be walked through your group/team chat and video conferencing tools as well as the game rules and continued support during deployment is important.


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