• Jim Plunkett

Trust: the only way remote work culture works

Updated: Apr 8

You have to trust your employees. As Ernest Hemingway said: "The vbest way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them". You can't see what people are doing, but you can equip them with the right hardware and software tools. You can't monitor tye process so review will have to be based on the outcome. But, there is no reason to beleive employees won't do the work assigned to them.

A Harvard Business Review study examined how employees performance at high-trust organizations compared with those in low-trust organizations and the results were phenomenal.

Employees in high-trust organizations experienced:

  1. 74% less stress

  2. 106% more energy

  3. 50% highere productivity

  4. 13% fewer sick days

  5. 76% more engagement

  6. 29% more satisfaction with their lives

  7. 40% less burnout

Being trusted to figure things out is a great motivator. As Tom Brady of the Patriots said in his first interview after leaving the Patriots: "knowing that I was Bill Belichecks guy was all the motivation I needed". A 2014 survey found employees would give up 20% of their raise for greater control over how they work.

The root cause of absence of trust can be found in team members that unable to show their weaknesses. This is best mitigated by senior staff consistently demonstrating their vulnerability. So while you may be at the beginning of your transition to remote working in your organization, it's important to realize just how important trust is and that you as a manger have control over that by leading by example.

And while many organizations frown upon employees using social media tools (Slack, Google Hangouts Chat) while they are working, this is an excellent way for remote workers to get to know each other better and it takes that before they can even consider beinmg vulnerable with their team. Ultimately what this means is you just need to have more empathy about this tyope of interaction during work and realize that this is part of the continually evloving process of building "Trust".




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