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A March 12 article in Forbes, "Enthusiastic Versus Experienced: What to Look for in a Remote Work Consultant" named the 2 most important things to screen your remote work consultant for:

  • Remote Work Experience (5+ Years)

This should go without saying, but you would be shocked at the number of “experts” out there that don’t meet this criteria. Jim Plunkett, Founder of Remote Maine, started working remotely in the early nineties...before the internet, using a Mac Powerbook, modem and VPN, connected to his Maine environmental consulting office (when he was in his FL, CO, WY and MA offices)...to be able to see financial and other reports. Most recently, Jim was an Organizer on the Bloomberg for President 2020 Presidential Campaign where the most sophisticated remote work technologies were employed to manage remote campaign offices, Organizers and volunteers in the fastest campaign ramp-up in US history. Hiring a consultant that is only a few months or years farther down the path of experience than you means that you both don’t know what you don’t know, and they’re unable to give you any insights about sustainability.

  • Virtual Leadership Experience (3+ Years)

Many remote work enthusiasts have based their advisory content on personal experiences as a worker, and are coaching leaders based on what they wish their own managers had done differently. Unfortunately, they don’t understand the pressure and obligations of being the primary implementor as a supervisor during change management, and especially don’t understand the challenges of doing so virtually. Consulting with an expert that has been in your shoes as an executive or manager is critical for sharing empathy, as well as critical lessons learned. 

​​Between the nineties and the Bloomberg Campaign, Jim spent several years working remotely for companies like: WEX, Green Dot, Chargeback Gurus, Woxxer and PowerPay (now EVO Payments). In these positions Jim was at the Executive (VP) level and was responsible for remote staff.

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