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In the Future, coming together in person for work will be tactical rather than habitual

The US Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have both issued guidance for reopening businesses. The first recommendation both have made is to establish a a remote working strategy.

You have made the decision that you need to shift part or all of your workforce to working remotely. Maybe you have already started, or, maybe you have just made that decision.

If you are thinking you could use some guidance, Remote Maine can help AND we may wave or defer your payment, or, offer you a payment plan, based on your current cashflow.

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A Sucessful Remote Work Strategy


1) Making sure management is on the same page as they must lead by example.

2) Determining which employees work from home and how many days a week they will be doing it.

3) Making sure your staff has the right tools (hardware, software, bandwidth) and is properly trained to use them.

4) Making sure you establish the game rules for remote working.

A plan to establish a culture of trust and

A plan to provide support for the first 60-90 days


How Remote Maine Works

If you think you can't afford to hire a remote work consultant, think again! Remote Maine will conduct an initial assessment and develop a proposal at no cost to you.

Remote Maine may also decide to wave or defer your implementation payment or establish a monthly payment schedule depending on your current cash flow situation. The technology we use is either free or very low monthly cost per user. This approach puts implementation of a remote working strategy within reach for most Maine small businesses.

Initial Assessment


We will conduct a remote meeting with your management to understand: organization objectives, security requirements, personnel dynamics and specific business processes that will be impacted.



Based on your organizations specific situation, we will develop an implementation proposal that includes proposed technology platforms (video conferencing, group chat, VPN), employee engagement strategy and sustainability procedures.


Average $1,500 - $5,000

Implementation includes technology and process training as well as support for 2 months. Monthly support options are available by request after the first two months.


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